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Internationalistisches Anti-Atom-Sommercamp und Free Flow Festival in Gedelitz im Wendland

Vom 7.-16. August 2017 findet in bei Gedelitz bei Wiese auf der Wiese ein Camp mit eingebautem Openairfestival statt, zu dem weltweit Aktivistinnen und Interessierte eingeladen sind. Es wird Vorträge, Diskussionen, Workshops und einen Aktionstag zu den Themen Atommüll, Atomtransporte, Uranbergbau und Menschenrechte geben. Geplant ist, die Themen und Akteurinnen des Wendlands einzubeziehen und eine Vernetzung sowohl kontinent-, als auch themenübergreifend zu erleben.
Die Verpflegung via VolXküche wird von "Fläming Kitchen" sichergestellt, in Ergänzung mit einer kleinen Speisekarte vom Gasthaus Wiese. Mehr Infos zum Widerstand gibt es bei der Bürgerinitiative Lüchow Dannenberg.


8:00 - 9:45: Frühstück
10:00 - 12:30:Workshops, Vorträge
12:30 - 14:00: Mittagessen
14:00 - 17:00: Workshops, Vorträge
18:00: Abendessen
Abends: Widerstandskino

Teilnahmebeitrag pro Tag/Nase:
Sozialpreis 9 Euro
Normalpreis 15 Euro
Solipreis 20 Euro, gerne mehr
Kinder bis 12 Jahre frei, Jugendliche bis 18 Jahre halber Preis.
Freut euch auf Widerstandskino, Ausstellungen, Naturführungen, Yoga und auf eine schöne gemeinsame Zeit des Zusammenlebens, der Diskussionen, des Austausches, der Utopien und des Widerstands!
Bitte meldet euch per Email an:
Oder benutzt das Kontaktformular oben. Info:
Wir bitten um Anmeldung und um die Mitteilung, ob Kinder mit anreisen, damit ein Kinderprogramm erstellt werden kann.

Das Programm


Dienstag, 8.8.:

Mittwoch, 9.8.:

Donnerstag, 10.8.:







Internationalistic Anti Nuclear Summer Camp and Free Flow Festival at Gedelitz in the Wendland

A camp will take place between August 7 and 16, 2017 on the meadow, for which activists and interested people from all over the world are invited. Not as a competition but as a supplement to the Camp at Döbeln, we are planning lectures, discussions, workshops and an action day on the subject of nuclear waste, nuclear transports, uranium mining and human rights. We hope to live the integration of the issues and activists of the Wendland and to carry out some networking covering all continents and issues. We will try to invite people from Standing Rock to Gedelitz within the scope of a tour, as a symbolic gesture of our solidarity support and as an expression for our mutual fight. Boarding is planned with the Vokü in addition to a small-scale menu of the Wiese Pub. The price for the Camp shall be affordable for everybody and shall be graded. Children are free. The Free Flow Festival will take place on the weekend.

The Fläming Kitchen will cook for us.
In addition, the Gasthof Wiese offers coffee and cake from 4 p.m. There is a small menu for dinner at the Gasthof Wiese, but also room for evening events and during the Free Flow Festival. You will have to pay for meals and drinks in the Gasthof yourself. There will be daily charges for camping. These are tiered prices
The camp charge includes:
Charge for the tent: Euro 4.
Full board through the Volxküche using mainly regional organic products: Euro 7.50.
All events/workshops.
Standard price (cost-covering): Euro 15.
Reduced price for people with low income: Euro 9.
Solidarity price for people enabling a participation at reduced prices for others: Euro 20 or more.
Children up to the age of 12 are free, young adults up to the age of 18 will pay half of the price.
If you will not be able to even pay the reduced price, but if you would still like to participate, please mail us and we will try to find a solution. Nobody should be excluded for financial reasons. Please make sure to register, so we can plan for tents, Volxküche etc.!! People from the US, Russia, India, The Netherlands, Austria and from all over Germany have already announced their coming. The visit of our Free Flow Festival is free for people from the camp. We would appreciate any donations.
External Free Flow Festival visitors will pay Euro 10 for a day or Euro 20 for the complete weekend, from Friday, 11.08. until Sunday, 13.08, plus tent charges and possibly Vokü contributions.
Bring your tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, towels etc. for your own needs. We will make available compost toilets and a washing tent. We need your support for the Vokü, compost toilets, washing facilities, cleaning up, setup and dismantling. It would be nice, if you will already come on Saturday, August 5 to Gedelitz to jointly set up the community tents and the camp. Please stay until August 16 – and even longer on your own – to jointly clear off the community tents, the Vokü, the compost toilets and the whole premises.
We will hang out lists at the beginning of the camp, where everybody may register for the community services. We are looking forward to a pleasant mutual time of living together, to the discussions, to the exchange, the utopias and the resistance!
Address and route planner:
Wiese at Gedelitz
Gedelitz 21
29494 Trebel
Free Republic of the Wendland

Look at the "location"-clicko above.

Your camp team XXX
PS: Courtney Yellowfat, Cultural Teacher at the Standing Rock Middle School would have appreciated to follow our invitation to the camp at Gedelitz. Unfortunately, he will not be able to get valid documents and will thus not be allowed to leave the country, because a penalty had been levied against him in connection with the protests against the pipeline through the Standing Rock territory, which has to be paid first. It will probably be impossible for time reasons, that he will come to our camp. But we would like o support him with the payment of the fine, because we believe, that the protests at Standing Rock are right and feasible. If you want to contribute, please donate onto the account of the BI under the catchword “Courtney Yellowfat”.
Also small amounts will be welcome! If everybody will give one Euro, the total of $ 2,000 will be easily reached. We are strong together!! We will collect the donations for some weeks and we will immediately transfer the money to him.
Our donation account:
Bürgerinitiative Umweltschutz Lüchow-Dannenberg e.V.
Account No. 0044060721
Bank Code 25850110 (Kreissparkasse Lüchow)
IBAN: DE24258501100044060721

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